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Pick from our curated range of hairstyles for your
own hair system!

Choosing the right hairstyle
With Non-surgical hair systems, choosing the right hairstyle can often make the difference between a realistic looking system and one that doesn’t look as believable.

How do I choose the right hairstyle?
There are a range of different hairstyles that one can wear — with non-surgical hair systems. During the consultation process, we always try our best to accommodate any requests you may have — you can reach out to us with references of your preferred hairstyle which will be taken into consideration by our experts during the process of making your hair system.
If you’d like to have your hair system cut by us (pre-cut hair system: your system comes styled and cut to you, ready to wear)reference images of your preferred hairstyle are a must. After years of experience, we have mastered the art of cutting and blending — and providing you comfortable and stylish ready to wear hair systems.
To help you pick your hairstyle, we have developed a tastemaker that will guide you based on your needs!